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Every body benefits from massage therapy. Let me help you Keep Moving, Stay Well.


Welcome! I am so glad you found me!  My objective as a massage therapist is more therapeutic in nature and as such I have been described as a specialist in my field.  If you are simply looking for a relaxing experience that is more spa-like please be aware that I am better suited to those that are looking for solutions to pain, immobility and loss of function. 

Vicki Stoddart Walther, the massage therapist at A Touch of Health and Wellness is dedicated to providing you with massage therapy under both a prevention model and a treatment model. In both instances, the goal is to assist you to Keep Moving, Stay Well.

 Massage therapy is much more than just a luxury. Massage is a key component to a personal health and wellness program. Massage compliments other health care modalities: physical therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy and medical maintenance programs.





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