Vicki Stoddart Walther, LMT, CMT, BCTMB
Every body benefits from massage therapy. Let me help you Keep Moving, Stay Well.


Welcome! I am so glad you found me!  Unfortunately, the clinic is closed and I am not working as a direct result of the health risks associated with COVID19 transmission. 

Long term implications (after recovering from COVID19) include systemic and organ issues, changes in blood coagulation, respiratory issues and immune system issues making massage therapy risky at best.

My objective as a massage therapist is more therapeutic in nature and as such I have been described as a specialist in my field.  If you are simply looking for a relaxing experience that is more spa-like please be aware that I am better suited to those that are looking for solutions to pain, immobility and loss of function. I can provide a purely relaxing experience however, so can my peers.

I am dedicated to providing you with massage therapy under both a prevention and treatment model. In both instances, the goal is to assist you to Keep Moving, Stay Well. I started my clinical practice A Touch of Health in Princeton, WI in 2009. Established an additional clinic in Hartford, WI in 2012. Early in 2018 I closed the Princeton location to focus solely on Hartford. And now, going into the third quarter of 2019 I have moved to the current location in Germantown, WI. I look forward to seeing you soon! Please peruse the website - lots of info. Send me an email if you have questions. A text  is efficient to reach me; a phone call will likely send you to voicemail. Sorry about that: I work without a receptionist which makes me unavailable for calls much of the time. I will call back ~ please help with phone tag by leaving a best time to call in your message.

It is a great honor to be the massage therapist that other health care providers call when they need work done: dentists, nurses, health care aides, physicians, dental hygienists, physical therapists and chiropractors to list a few. Many of the people I see are referred in while others find me on the internet while searching for solutions. I often get to help people that have difficulty finding solutions to their particular set of circumstances. If you have medical imaging please bring a copy along as it helps guide me to the source of the soft tissue problem you are facing.

Massage therapy is not a hobby, nor a part-time gig. For me, massage therapy is all I do, full time, since 2009. 

Massage therapy is much more than just a luxury. Massage is a key component to a personal health and wellness program. Massage compliments other health care modalities: physical therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy and medical maintenance programs.  With the expansion to Germantown I am taking new bookings. My schedule is online 24/7. The office is open Tuesday to Saturday, most days 9 am to 8 pm. If you don't see an open spot in the scheduling tab that works with your work schedule please let me know what timeframe you are available and I will do everything I can to accommodate your schedule.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

In touch,

Vicki Stoddart Walther, LMT, CMT, BCTMB 

Massage Therapist





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