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Scope of Practice, Mission, Goals

Massage Therapy  Scope of Practice (SOP) billing code CPT 97124

Recognizes the intention of the therapist to provide general massage that is therapeutic in nature while maintaining a focus on the satisfaction of the client. Massage is totally passive in nature, with no participation by the individual receiving the service. The goal is to increase circulation and promote tissue relaxation to the muscle(s). It is of particular value when used in conjunction with other therapeutic procedures on the same day, wherein the treatment plan is designed to restore muscle function, reduce edema, improve joint motion, and/or provide relief of muscle spasm. Therapeutic procedures can include superficial, effleurage, petrissage, percussion, pressure-point work, trigger-point work and deep-tissue techniques. Sessions are defined and charged by a set number of minutes the hands are on the body, tipping is typical.

Massage Therapist Mission

Apply massage techniques in order to reduce stress, increase and/or maintain general health and mobility. 

Massage Therapist Goal

Tailor the client's experience based on initial interview and basic assessment information, as well as in-the-minute feedback during the massage, to assure the client's comfort and satisfaction. Provide massage that is effective, respectful of personal boundaries, and an experience that is relaxing and energizing. We are mindful of the overall experience: Attention to details such as music, room temperature, client comfort, and decor. Massage Therapist must be licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Board Certified (BCTM) and/ or NPI registered Mechanotherapist Scope of Practice(SOP) billing code CPT97140

AKA medical or therapeutic massage describes multiple manually applied services with a focus on functional outcomes, including myofascial release, joint mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage, and soft tissue manipulation (non-chiropractic). There is an evidence-based reason for one modality over another and results are measurable. For myofascial release work, the work is targeted to a specific muscle or other soft tissue. Findings generally involve an adhesion or area of fibrosis exhibited by a painful band or "knot" within the muscle and subsequent limited range of motion. This code describes manually applied techniques that increase active pain-free range of motion and increase extensibility of myofascial tissue, with the goal of restoring function. The specific technique is generally described as active, passive or both. Active or passive indicates the method of stretching or elongation of the soft tissue. This procedure is typically considered uncomfortable if not bordering on painful and may need some analgesia pre- and post-service. When documenting the service, the interaction between the patient and therapist should be reported. The chart notes should clearly indicate what style or procedure was performed, with the appropriate reporting of the targeted soft tissue, the technique used, time spent, goals and the response to the treatment.

BCTM and/or Mechanotherapist Mission

Provide a professional massage therapy treatment to a client in a caring, professional environment by applying therapeutic massage techniques in order to develop, maintain, rehabilitate and/or augment physical function, reduce stress and/or alleviate pain. 

BCTM and/or Mechanotherapist Goal

To further tailor the client's treatment plan based on advanced skills and techniques, directives and clinical impressions of other health care providers, case management. Clinical massage that is effective, respectful, therapeutic and outcome centered. Referral network is used in the best interest of the person receiving the work.


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