Vicki Stoddart Walther, LMT, CMT, BCTM
Every body benefits from massage therapy. Let me help you Keep Moving, Stay Well.

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Vicki Stoddart Walther, LMT, CMT, BCTM

Massage Therapist, Mechanotherapist

WI Lic. 4906-146, Board/ Nationally Certified (NCBTMB) 586576-10, ABMP Certified Member 826569

Vicki has had a full-time clinical practice as a state licensed and board/nationally certified massage therapist since 2009. She graduated in the top percentile of her class completing 2,000 academic hours of study specific to massage therapy in human sciences, 1,000 clinical hours hands on treatment, 500 hours outreach hours. She is passionate about helping people and has experience in health care since 1987. Her background in palliative, hospice, working with disabled adults and vocational rehabilitation provided a sound base for treatment massage therapy that is presented in a relaxing setting. She continues to learn more about health daily and offers a level of care that she would expect to receive so don’t be surprised if you hear about a current class or workshop coming up.

She is a massage therapist that is exceptionally well trained and can provide a massage that feels relaxing, soothes the body and mind and addresses more than 70 conditions and the variety of symptoms you may be experiencing. In developing a treatment plan for you Vicki considers your activities of daily life, work and play along with what you tell her, what she sees and the results of orthopedic testing.

She is looking for the processes that got you to where you are and the soft tissue imbalances that developed as a result. Once these are understood we can embark on a plan to get you moving and feeling better. Your treatment plan is tailored to your personal needs. The fastest route to health is empowering YOU to understand the problem and solutions you can implement immediately.

For you this means:

  • You have less pain, discomfort or stress

  • You learn how to prevent the problem from occurring again

  • You can get back to doing the things you enjoy   

Board Certified by

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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